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Brian Girling

Brian Girling

Electrical Engineer

New Petrol Diesel Generators

Sales, Servicing & repair

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Controlpak AVR 08

30 amp AVR08

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Controlpak is Generating Experience

Buy new Diesel Generators | Buy Automatic Voltage Regulators.

Controlpak has over 45 years of applied experience with diesel generators in Melbourne Australia. Including; engines load testing, service and repair. Specialising in power generation, new petrol diesel generator engines, gen sets alternators and suppliers of automatic voltage regulators. including Industrial, commercial & domestic maintenance, servicing, repair and installation.

Q1. Why do I need a GenSet?

Q2. What type of Generating Set do I need?

Q3. What size of Generating Set do I need for X amount of load?

Q4. What do I require to know when installing my Generating Set?

Q5. When and how do I service and maintain my Generating Set?

Q6. What type of Battery Charger do I need?

Q7. What is Power Factor & how do you correct a bad Power Factor?


Diesel Generator sets Australia

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Servicing Australia wide, including Islands and Figi, Tonga, Cook Islands, Samoa, Papua New Guinea, Vanuatu, Indonesia.


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