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avr 08

Automatic Voltage Regulator for three-phase and
single-phase alternators

$850 AUD Includes GST
and $18 shipping in Australia

This is a premium quality product at a reasonable price, and offers
unsurpassed reliability and operating features. The following is a
summary of features and capabilities:

- Genuine 30A DC output rating

- Output voltage to field: 100V DC max. @ 240V AC input

- Integral automatic build-up circuit works with only 1.5V AC residual

- Adjustable Excitation voltage limit prevents alternator damage

- Three-phase or single-phase application

- Single-phase operating range: 180V to 280V 50/60Hz

- Three-phase operating range: 180V to 480V 50/60Hz

- Three-phase sensing circuit

- Very low temperature drift of voltage setpoint

- Totally solid-state construction (no relays)

- Premium quality components only are used

- Extremely rugged design

- Simplified adjustment of stability for even the slowest of alternators

- High energy spike protection built-in

- Ambient air temperature rating of 50 C

- Generous heatsink for good operating margin at 50 C ambient

- Solid, easy to use terminals

- Compact size: 135mm x 135mm x 115mm

Click here to download Installation and Setup Manual (pdf)

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