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size of Generating Set do I need for X amount of load?


When sizing a Generating Set consideration should be given to the types of loads.

i - Resistive loads: Lighting and heating
The total resistive load can be calculated by adding all the installed resistive loads in kilowatts (kW).

ii - Inductive loads: Motors and transformers
Consideration must be given to the size, type and starting method of each electric motor. Squirrel Cage electric motors require twice the Horsepower in kVA just to have the capacity to start an individual motor Direct On Line (DOL). If in doubt consult a Licensed Electrician or contact us. Note: A Generating Set should be well maintained and loaded to 40-50% of its rated capacity to avoid unnecessary piston wear.

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Q4. What do I require to know when installing my Generating Set?



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