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Q4. What do I require to know when installing my Generating Set?


When installing a Generating Set consideration should be given to:


This is mainly determined by related systems such as ventilation, wiring, fuel and exhaust. Provide a location away from high ambient temperatures and protect it from adverse weather conditions. Locate the GenSet as near as possible to the main switchboard. Plan for adequate access and lighting for service and maintenance purposes.


Mount the GenSet on a substantial and level base and add anti- vibration mounts if and when necessary.

Ventilation and Cooling

Ventilation systems must provide enough fresh air for efficient generator cooling and for engine combustion. The system must also remove fumes and heat produced and not be effected by the direction of prevailing wind.

Fuel System

For safe and satisfactory operation, fuel supply systems must be designed and installed carefully and to all current codes and regulations.

Warning - Fuel presents the hazard of fire or explosion that can result in severe personal injury, death , and/or property damage. Do not install a fuel tank or fuel lines near exhaust pipes.

Exhaust System

The purpose of the exhaust system is to direct engine exhaust away from the engine and discharge into the atmosphere. An industrial or residential muffler should be connected into the exhaust system and for maximum efficiency it should be plumbed not to create excessive back pressure on the engine.

Warning - Exhaust gases are deadley. Plan the exhaust system carefully. Pipe exhaust gases outside and away from doors, windows, air conditioning inlets and any other inlet.

Electrical System

Local regulations require that a licensed electrician install the wiring for a generating set. Proximity to the main switchboard is important to consider so as to economise on the amount of heavy cable required. If the installation is a standby system , use a manual or automatic transfer switch to protect against the possibility of the commercial and generator supply connecting to the load at the same time.

Warning - Electrical shock can cause severe personal injury or death.

Use extreme caution when working on electrical systems.

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Q5. When and how do I service and maintain my GenSet?





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