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Generator Sets Australia

There are many brands of Generators that Controlpak are able to Service in Australia. At the bottom of this page is a list of some of the more popular brands of Generator Sets. If you are interested in a brand name that is not listed below, we may still be able to help.


New Generators for sale

generator sets australia melbourne

brian girlingWhat generator should I buy?

Deciding to buy a new generator versus buying a second hand generator is sometimes a tough choice. But not when you receive the best advice.

• On one hand the new generator will come with the benefit of guarantees which are hard to ignor,

• On the other hand the used generator might be a great price but might not come with warrantees you might need.

It's worth having a chat about. Brian's first question for you is likely to be - What are you looking to use it for? The beauty of this question is that Brian will be able to impart his 45+ years of professional knowledge of helping people make the best decision for their unique needs. You will be surprised at what you can learn from Controlpak in a short conversation. And we're happy to learn a thing or two from you.

In some cases a new generating set can have some slight modifications to adapt to your specific needs. The important thing is to invest in a system that is not going to cause you ongoing grief and that's where the idea of purchasing new is quite compelling.

If you prefer to read a bit more, then we would suggest that you start with looking at each of the frequently asked questions on this website. This might help with our conversation. Visit the FAQ section to learn what power factor you need. If you are stumped, then don't hesitate to call. We are in Melbourne Australia and welcome your call during normal hours of business. 03 9546 6508.

Brian Girling. Electrical Engineer.


New Generator product download sheets

Below are some downloadable pdf files showcasing brand new generator sets. These have photographs and technical specifications for the relevant generating sets. Again, have a look at our FAQ section as a guide to understanding your needs.



genset_6 - 19.5kva_yanmar.pdf

genset_6 - 22.7kva_perkins.pdf



Brands of generator sets we work with

The following links go to our enquiry page. These brand names represent our knowledge and experience with new and second hand generator sets. If you have a question, either call or click on a link below and type in a message and click send. We will respond usually within the same or the next day.

diesel Engine Types

Petrol Engine Types


• Caterpillar
• Cummins
• Detroit
• Deutz
• Dorman
• Fiat
• Hatz
• Kubota
• Lister
• Mitsubishi
• Perkins
• Rolls Royce

Generators Australia

• Briggs and Stratton
• Honda
• Kaiwasaki
• Robyn
• Yamaha

Generators Australia

• Dunlite
• McColl (Electric Construction Company - Wolverhampton)
• Markon
• Marathon
• Mecc Alte
• Modra ( spare parts)

Generators Australia


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Servicing Australia wide, including Islands and Figi, Tonga, Cook Islands, Samoa, Papua New Guinea, Vanuatu, Indonesia.


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