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The following check list is a service that we offer to your business. Controlpak has fourty years of service, design and manufacture experience of diesel generating sets.


Change engine oil and filter, check for oil leaks and clean crankcase breather filter.


Change primary and secondary fuel filters, check for fuel leaks and bleed the system if necessary. Check availability of fuel supply and top up the day fuel tank from bulk storage, if available.


(if water cooled) Check water level and condition. Check radiator hoses. Check water pump - visually. Check fan belts. Check belt failure switch , if fitted Check operation of coolant heaters , if fitted


Check air cleaner intake pipes and connections for restrictions. Clean air filter and change, if required. Clean air filter pre cleaner, if fitted. Clean air filter indicator, if fitted.


Check turbo gaskets and mounting externally and monitor condition of bearings. Monitor turbo operation during full load test run.


Check starter batteries, leads and connections. Check electrolyte level and top up if necessary. Check charge rate on constant potential battery charger and alternator - if fitted. Check alternator connections and drive belts. Check starter motor connections and ease of start up. Measure battery voltage and specific gravity and record.


Check electrical control gear for loose connections, unnecessary heat and/or abrasions. Clean instruments and gauges. Check operation of protection switches and alarms.


Test run unit under station load until temperature stabilises and log all variables. Full load testing could be arranged upon request as our company has portable resistive load banks at the following rates: 400kW unit at $535.00 per day 180kW unit at $150.00 per day. 33kW unit at $100.00 per day. Complete test sheet with written report and forward to supervisor. Record extra work, request and obtain approval to carry out extra work. Sign permit to carry out extra work.


Clean down generating set and remove waste. Check for unusual vibrations and report, if necessary. LABOUR: Labour would be charged at the current rate per man hour as stated in the relevant quotation.


Replacement of any parts will be charged at cost plus 20%.

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